Sunday, October 9, 2011

The following pictures are brought to you by Denovan (because I have no idea how to do it!)
Do you remember when our kitchen/ dining room / living room / hall looked like this?

First to come down was the hall wall paper. I will NEVER paper again!!! And then I brought in the Schaupp Boys to help with the first level of the demolition ( Fun, Fun, Fun)
Yes, even the organ had to go! we couldn't even give it away, so Michal had fun dismantling it.

A special thanks to Michael and Matthew for all their hard work. Also, Kim Richardson and his BIG truck were a wonderful help getting everything to the dump. And Mason Black and his little truck helped with the final clean up.

Because we weren't busy enough, I decided to remodel the upstairs bath at the same time. Again, I called in my favorite go to guys, Michael and Matthew. They even brought in their dad for the more technical work. Thanks again Schaupps!!!

Painting all those stripes was an adventure and a lot of tape!

Sorry that we have no pics of the floor that had to be patched, it turned out great.

The REAL contractors had to be brought in for the heavy duty demolition including portions of four walls. (the 2 windows in the kitchen were made into one large window, the wall between the kitchen and dining room was removed, the doorway into the kitchen from the hall was enlarged and put at an angle, and the doorway into the living room from the hall was enlarged)

Hurray. It is finally starting to almost look like a Kitchen!

As you can see, We have hard wood floors throughout. ( that's a protective cover down the hall until all the work is done) The front door was centered and window " lights" put on both sides. (the door area still needs to be painted.)